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Raw Papaya is used for making curry dishes, pickles, stir fries and salads. Green raw papaya is also used for making dishes like Thoran in south India as well as Green Papayaa Chutney.

Papayaa is also known as Pempe (Kancha) in Bengali, Papayi in Gujarati, Papita in Hindi, Papaya in Marathi, Parangi in Kannada, Omakaya in Malayalam, Pappali kai in Tamil and Boppayi kayi in Telugu.

Fruits and Vegetable are perishable items and are subject to availability and quality. Therefore, addition of fresh vegetables and fruits in your order is considered as only a preorder. In case of unavailability of these items, we’ll create store-credit in your Ekirana account. In order to make sure of your full satisfaction with this product, we follow the following procedure.


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