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We are a global trader in Agricultural and other products in the world. More than 80% of our products comes from our facilities.
The rest of the less than 20% comes from well trusted sources.
In Business we believe in a combination of high qality and affordability. We sell our products at the best rates in the market. We present a great opportunity for clients who buy to resell

Our Products

Welcome to Donkamg . For the last two decades we have been exporting our products to clients all over the world. At Donkamg, we have
a company culture which believes so much in the satisfaction of clients and we will do what ever it takes to make sure our clients are satisfied.
Our methods have paid off. We are happy to inform you that more than 40% of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients.

We make sure our clients get very high quality products at the best rates in the market. We are a perfect partner for retailers. We sell to them at terms which
gives them a very good position in global competition.

For our existing clients, we very much appreciate the role you play in our partnership. For you who is not yet our client, we do hope you will join us and become one of
our hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world.

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I always get my order on time from Donkamg Group. I really appreciate the attention you pay to my product requirements. You deserve a five star award.
Karl Stetcien
Your affordable products of very good quality is responsible for the success and growth of my business. Thanks a million to the Donkamg Team.
Susan Brown
Thanks very much for your very flexible payment terms. Due to it, I never run out of stock. Accept a big thank you from me, my business Family and Clients family.
Jong Kingman
I will recommend Donkamg Group a million times over. I was very skeptical when you gave me an invoice. Then the goods arrived just as described. You are excellent.
Anne Marie

Contact Us

Our customer service department is available round the clock to respond to all inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information. You can contact us by sending email to or We are also available through lifechat.

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